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Ranked Amongst the Top Packaging Companies in Mumbai

We offer a number of amazing value-additions on top of our printing services.
These include:
UV 4-Colour: The process enables us to print 4 colours on non absorbent elements like PVC/metallic papers. The process eliminates any added time required for drying.
4-Colours on Spot Foil: If you need to replicate a metallic effect on your print, then this process is your ideal choice. By printing 4-colour on spot foiled areas, the effect is recreated.
Metallic Integrated Print: In this process, a metallic ink is mixed with the 4 colours to attain a metallic effect.
Fragrance Coating: To achieve a fragrant print in this process, transparent, capsulised sediment polishing is used. The fragrance is release by rubbing on it. For spot/full coating of any fragrance on any paper, contact us.
3D Printing: This is also called as Lenticular printing process. The process is designed to recreate multilayered images on a substrate to give out an impression of a 3D image. The process involves printing images on specific lenses.
Contour Embossing: This process is executed with the help of 3D multilayered dyes. The 3D dyes are embossed to highlight the tiniest details of the image and, as a result, the viewer gets to see a 3 dimensional print.
Micro Embossing: The Micro Embossing process is designed to emboss of textures with extreme on the print. The process is quick and the results are amazing.

Equipped for Special Requirements:

A decade’s experience of working with a varied set of clientele belonging to different areas of businesses has yielded us with an capability to skilfully and exceptionally handle all special requirements arising out of all kinds of projects.

Advanced Capabilities:

Meeting client’s deadlines is one of our prime concerns, reason why we carry apparatus that can simultaneously complete print runs regardless of the volumes. This, added with our in-house team’s prompt supervision, ensures that all quality standards are maintained and all work is delivered quickly.

In-house Maintenance:

Our in-house maintenance team ensures a smooth, unobstructed run for our printing machines. In event of a system breakdown, they respond swiftly, and promptly restore the process back to normalcy.

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