Why Brands Must Shift From Rigid To Flexible Packaging

As the world witnesses a paradigm shift in the purchasing power of the common man, manufacturers are getting pressured to change their outlook towards packaging if they want to attract new customers and keep existing intact. The top packaging companies in India believe that the global packaging market with its flexible solutions would have a growth rate of 3% to reach 299 billion dollars by 2024. As per industry experts, manufacturers are devising innovative methods to cut down on production costs and give maximum attention to switching from rigid packaging to flexible packaging.


Benefits of Flexible Packaging Over Rigid Packaging 


As per the assessment report given by The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, PMMI, the market for flexible packaging is expected to grow by a substantial margin in the next few years. The packaging manufacturers in India believe that flexible packaging provides multiple benefits as compared to rigid packaging for all types of FMCG products that include foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals. These advantages include light weightiness, large size, and better barrier protection against aroma or moisture. Furthermore, flexible packaging also offers variations in the packs, decorating ease and are easily dispensable which means no extra clean-up is required.

Reasons Why Flexible Packaging is the Need! 


Flexible packaging provides an opportunity for business owners to scale up their brands and is a perfect solution for corporations to lure economy-conscious customers. It not only gives a sustainable feature to the manufacturers but also is an important step towards saving our planet.


There are several reasons why brands must shift from rigid to flexible packaging:



Flexible packaging is generally more environmentally friendly than rigid packaging. It uses less material, is more lightweight, and takes up less space, which reduces transportation emissions. Additionally, many types of flexible packaging can be recycled or reused, which further reduces waste.



Flexible packaging is often more convenient for consumers. It is easier to open, reseal, and store than rigid packaging, making it more practical for everyday use.



Flexible packaging is often less expensive to produce and transport than rigid packaging. It also takes up less space on store shelves and in warehouses, which can save money on storage and shipping costs.



Flexible packaging provides brands with more opportunities to showcase their branding and marketing messages. With advances in digital printing technology, brands can now print high-quality graphics and designs directly onto the packaging, making it more visually appealing and memorable to consumers.



Flexible packaging offers more opportunities for innovation and customization. Brands can create packaging in a wider range of shapes and sizes, which can help them differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out on store shelves.


Overall, the shift from rigid to flexible packaging is driven by a combination of environmental concerns, consumer preferences, and economic benefits. Brands that are able to adapt to this trend and embrace flexible packaging are likely to see increased consumer loyalty and improved bottom-line results.

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