Product Packaging Boxes – Ways to Acquire New Customers

Product packaging has always played an important role in how a customer sees a brand’s market value. It is also considered a primary practical tool in attracting and thereby acquiring new customers. According to packaging companies in India, legible and printed packaging boxes for a product tell the whole story to customers, namely, what the product is, its contents, its use, who should use it and whether to buy or not! It means, the package gives a summary and can be considered the perfect tool to advertise your brand’s products!


Types of Packaging


The highest quality of printing and eye-catchy packaging can amaze the customers with their appropriate shape, and size and delight them to the fullest. Furthermore, when the pack’s outer design is interesting, he would not mind shelling something more for a product which he intends to buy. According to the manufacturers of product packaging boxes in Mumbai, the different types of packaging choices make it more difficult for the brand owner to choose the best for his product. The different types of packaging solutions to provide a customized and enhanced customer experience are:


  • Foil Sealed Bags
  • Poly Bags
  • Plastic boxes
  • Paperboard boxes
  • Rigid boxes
  • Chipboard packaging
  • Corrugated boxes


Why invest in the right packaging? 


When the manufacturer of packaging boxes have a complete understanding of the product, he is in a better position to design its packaging solution. The correct packaging appeals to the customers and even makes them trust the brand more! In addition to this, the manufacturer needs to understand whether the product is bought online by customers, and is shipped to a different country. Also, the packaging manufacturer should ensure that the package represents a certain brand aesthetic by choosing the right colour, font and size of the text on the box.


The packaging solutions provider needs to keep in mind the age group to which the product is sold. He should take care of the brand’s logo and certain contents which must be present on the box. These are as follows:


  • Written copy – The name of the product in bold and legible letters to display what the box contains


  • Required marks – The box should also have the correct bar code, association marks and information about the content if necessary


  • Image – The package must contain an appropriate photo which should be supplied by the brand owner before the design process


  • Temporary content – This can include additional information such as expiry date, batch number, sticker etc. for products related to the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry to provide proper details


Opt for customized packaging boxes to attract customers! 

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