Pharma Printing and Packaging Companies in Mumbai – Development and Enhancement

The pharmaceutical industry has seen some major transformations, the major being towards pharmaceutical contract packaging. Outsourcing pharmaceutical packaging and printing to the right and top contract packaging organizations (CPOs) is considered a cost-effective way for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to bring novel and effective drugs into the market without compromising their brand value and target customers.


What is Pharma Printing?

The pharma packaging companies in Mumbai have advanced a lot in pharma printing to prevent dispensing errors and medication errors on drug names usually observed on medical sites. Printing simply implies visibility of the name in your PC on a piece of paper or other material. Pharma printing is embossing the names of drugs on their respective packages. Due to pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, top printing and packaging companies in Mumbai have now resorted to technological options like continuous inkjet printing and thermal inkjet printing and even ultraviolet laser marking instead of traditional ways.


The digital printing of pharmaceutical products and equipment holds a solid promise of your brand protection and safeguards the layers of deterrence against counterfeiting.


What is packaging in the pharmaceutical industry?

The packaging companies in Mumbai have understood and underlined the packaging and printing issues faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, the top printing and packaging companies in Mumbai have given more focus on “Packaging Sustainability” to ensure longevity in the life of tablets, capsules and even injections for maximum better effects on the patients.


To attract the patients and pharmaceutical vendors to take your product, you must have realized the importance of the look of it along with how fast it can ease the ailment of the patient. Hence, packaging companies in Mumbai have decided to follow the standard reverse box tuck in approach to make it easy for the users.


While designing your packaging for the pharmaceutical sector, you not only need to keep an eye on its overall look including graphics but also must ensure a lightweight for the weak to carry it easily. Therefore, the printing and packaging companies in Mumbai use a standard legible format and a specific colour code on the basis of the severity of the illness and prescription.


What are the different types of pharmaceutical packaging?

The pharma packaging companies in Mumbai have classified pharmaceutical packaging on the basis of the content of the drugs and also kept a few points in mind while designing it which are:

•Easy disposal

•Senior Citizens friendly

•Child resistance

•Hermetically sealed

•Modularized machinery

Hence, pharmaceutical packaging is further classified as given below:

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