Packaging Manufacturers in India – What Are the Packaging Materials They Used?

Pharmaceutical companies in India have seen a great stride as India is rightly touted as the foundation of pharmacology and continues to be an ace for producing the best effective medicines for various types of diseases. To boost ‘’MAKE IN INDIA’ and self-reliance, the Department of Pharmaceuticals has initiated a PLI scheme with separate ’Target Segments’ which is projected to have a cumulative turnover outlay of Rs. 6,940 crores as the Indian pharmaceutical sector accounts for over 50% of the global demands of the pharmaceutical industry across the world.

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Which materials are used by packaging manufacturers in India? 

The pharma packaging companies in India make use of multiple materials for different types of pharmaceutical products. The packaging manufacturers in India have diversified the packaging for various drugs as:
• Primary packaging
• Secondary packaging
• Tertiary packaging

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The primary packaging system is the material that first holds and envelops the product for better shelf life. The secondary packaging system is outside the primary packaging and is mainly used for grouping the products together whereas the tertiary packaging system involves bulk handling and shipping.

Why pharma packaging companies use PVC?

According to available data, PVC stands as the third most widely manufactured synthetic plastic polymer to be used in pharmaceutical companies. It is durable and has excellent organoleptic properties that ensure no change in the taste or composition of the medicine. The PVC mono films used by pharma packaging companies play a vital role to protect pharmaceutical products against contamination by the spread of germs during multiple processes such as manufacturing, distribution, and display because they are sunlight and UV rays resistant.

What are different packaging materials?

The packaging manufacturers in India need to use quality product packaging boxes by abiding by the rules set by the Department of pharmaceuticals of India to ensure the safe and standardized delivery of medicines. The raw materials used by packaging manufacturers in India include polymers & plastic, paper, paper boards, aluminium, foil, glass etc. In addition to this, the pharma packaging companies utilize PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) and polyvinyl chloride as primary packaging material to protect the pharmaceutical products from damages against moisture, water vapour transmission, oxygen and odour, bacteria, and contamination.

What makes product packaging boxes a necessity?

The pharma packaging companies in India make use of product packaging boxes as it gives enough space for arranging the various drugs/ products in a systematic manner. In today’s times, these organizations are aware of the role effective packaging plays in attracting clients/customers to them.


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