How To Make Your Packaging Attractive And Sustainable

As important as it is to make a quality product, it is equally important to make sure it reaches the consumer in a good condition. This is achieved by packaging the product in materials which prevent it from getting damaged. While the basic purpose of packing goods in boxes or bags is to keep them intact and in one piece, it is also a way of attracting new consumers to try the product.

Importance of Packaging:

  • Safety: The ultimate purpose of packaging is making sure that the product which is packed is safe from any outside force. Be it humidity, water or even pollution packaging of the product keeps it secure. Some of the top packaging companies in India are highly invested towards research and development to make packaging sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Attraction: One of the perks of packaging goods is to be able to give it an attractive look. Creativity is used at its best while designing materials which can be used to pack products and make them interesting enough to catch the consumers’ eye.

  • Signature: A lot of times products are recognised by the way they are packed more than their brand. Consumers tend to remember the colour combinations and designs or logos used in the packaging and they relate to it. Loyalties towards products are often maintained by maintaining the way of packaging of the product, as it is the best way for a manufacturer to differentiate their product from the other competitors.

  • Material used for commercial packaging: While there is a wide variety of options to choose from for packaging, here are few of the most commonly used materials:
  1. Paper and Paperboard: Most of the products are packed and transported from the manufacturing units to the stores or for other deliveries in boxes made out of cardboard. There is a variety of packing material like bags and wrappers which are made from paper and paperboard. The biggest advantage of using these materials is their ability to be recycled. This material gained so much demand that printed packaging boxes manufacturers in Mumbai had to increase their production in order to meet the material’s demand.
  2. Plastic: Another material which is always in demand for packaging purposes is plastic. It is one of the best materials available to keep the packed product from being exposed to water. Plastic is also used for products which need to be packed to be airtight. Plastic packaging can most commonly be found in food, beverages and medicines.
  3. Foil: Aluminium foil is the most preferred packaging material for the food industry. This material retains the smell and taste of the food and does not allow moisture to affect the food product. Apart from the food industry, foil packaging is also used by the agricultural sector to pack and transport seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.


  • Packaging of delicate goods: One of the most challenging parts of packaging is when the products to be packed are fragile, delicate, and brittle. Products like chandeliers, glass vases, ceramic showpieces etc need to be packed in multiple layers in order to avoid them from getting damaged in travel or storage. Pharma packaging companies in India also face this problem and they keep searching for newer options to pack and deliver medicines safely to the consumers.

Packaging is no longer just a way to secure the quality of product but it has become a necessity to attract more and more consumers towards it. It has become a way of branding.

It takes additional manpower, funds, a well established set up and thoughtful planning to ensure perfect packaging of goods. It is not a hassle but a form of investment which will certainly generate positive reviews for the packaging company.