Product Packaging Boxes – Make Your Products Stand Out

Why is packaging products important?

Packaging is the ultimate way for the seller to communicate with the buyer and to tempt the buyer to choose that product over anything else. For example, a decorative box with a catchy tag line or a personalised message will have more audience than a simple cardboard box with a brown paper covering.


Apart from the look factor, packing products in boxes is a step towards guaranteeing its safety by preventing it from getting broken, disfigured or spoilt in any manner before reaching the customer.  A wide variety of product packaging boxes is available, starting from the usual ones made from cardboard, paperboard, plastic to the more expensive ones like rigid boxes used by the high-end brands, or chipboard packaging which is mainly used for electronics.


How to make your product stand out?


  1. Keep it simple:

    This may sound boring to some, but when working towards making your product more appealing to the consumer, simplicity goes a long way. The packaging must be done in such a way that these three questions are answered for the consumer without even having to ask them:

What is the product? Which brand does it belong to? How does it look?


Once the consumer knows these details, it is easier for them to decide if they need to purchase this product. For example, if you are selling tea, and the packaging is such that there is a picture of how the tea packed inside looks like, the consumer will feel more comfortable buying it, rather than buying a product without knowing how the contents are going to be.


  1. Use the right colours 

Colours attract human attention more than words. Colours like red, yellow, orange have different effects than blue, green. But you can choose the appropriate colour to match your product. For example, when we think of detergent powder, we feel more comfortable around colours like blue, yellow, even pink to an extent. So, if you choose the colour red, for the packaging boxes for detergent, it may not do well on the shelves. Similarly for products like face masks, lotions, shampoos, colours like lavender, peach, pink may attract more attention as they are more relaxing to look at than black or brown which are more suitable for products related to outdoor activities or games.


While keeping this in mind, one must also remember to use colours which match or are associated with the brand/ product logo. The colours used for packaging and in the logo must be in sync with each other.


  1. Play with shapes 

To keep things interesting, you can pack your products in the non-traditional way once in a while. By doing so you will notice that using round or hexagonal boxes instead of the usual rectangular ones can be an eye catcher for the consumers. More consumers will check out your product as they will be curious to know about your product packed in a unique looking box. You will find many packaging manufacturers in India who can assist you and make available boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

While trying to think outside the traditional box, you must also consider that the shape should be relevant to the product and the packaging must not tamper the quality of the product. For instance, consumers may not relate to a round shaped box for coffee but they may find the same round shaped box attractive for cereal, cheese or instant noodles.


Even though product packaging is one of the many steps of manufacturing for the brand, it requires a big set up and packaging process is a lengthy and crucial one. Many manufacturers turn to packaging companies in India to avail of their services to give their product the final touch so that it is one task checked off their list and taken care of.