Why Customer Focus More on Packaging than the Product Pack in it

Packaging is the first part of your product that customers look at, to make a buying decision. Consider today’s scenario where online buying has become extremely common. Even in the online market, a customer’s evaluation on buying a product is based on the packaging. So, if we know the answer to why customers focus on packaging more than the product pack itself, we can improvise and deliver better. Let’s understand this precisely!

Conveying what consumers seek!

Your consumers buy a product that solves their specific problem. If you are offering a solution to their problem through the messaging it has, or branding it the right way or providing meaningful information on the packaging itself, your consumers are convinced. The best product packaging creates a perfect blend of these elements on custom printed boxes to attract customers as soon as they glance at it.


Consumers appreciate reading the additional benefits that your product offers. Right from ‘how to use’ instructions, the list, quantity and description of ingredients, the storage tips and so many other meaningful content on the package itself helps. These value added info that your consumers seek is vital to attract relevant consumers to your product and boost marketing.

Branding it the right way

Branding the right way is most important! You must have observed many small to mid sized businesses in Mumbai that have now held a better position in the local or global market. This is because they have adapted to the best product packaging in Mumbai that makes branding stand out! For example, look at the odonil, an Indian brand that mostly has packaging with a picture of a flower or specific fragrant substance on it; indicating what you’ll get inside. That’s a smart way to brand your product not just by your name but with something more impacting and clear.

Optimize color combination and demographics

The color patterns you use with the overall demographics on your product package influence the consumer buying behaviour. Also, packaging colors has a psychological effect in marketing & sales. Demographics color, text colors, logo and brand name all of it must go well with each other in the right shade, right texture.


Consumers love product packaging boxes that have the correct balance of size, shape and color of demographics, font, brand name and logo of your product.

Convenient design trends

The concept of packaging in itself has evolved and become more customer centric. Therefore, product companies keep on changing and improvising the outer packaging cover of their product with the latest design trends. Again, let’s look at odonil - a product that just had a box packing with a slit for fragrance distribution. Today, you can get its package with a hook shaped handle to help you hang it around anywhere on the wall. Consumers love such convenience they get with just a package design. Choosing custom printed boxes in Mumbai with best suitable designs for your product is no more a hassle today. Check out a few to attract your customers and boost your marketing to the next level.