Benefits of Cartons in Pharma Industry

Packaging influences marketing of products across the different industrial spectrum. For pharmaceutical products, the packaging is not just a marketing factor but also a securing component. While the outlook of your pharma goods like medicine or drugs or herbal supplements matter, protecting it from environmental factor becomes highly essential too. This is why over the years, carton packages are used to securely contain a various range of pharmaceutical products from exposure to air, water and sunlight.


Carton packaging has always been an important part of the pharmacy industry. Although, with emerging technologies, wrapping pharma items quite changed into newer types. Even though today, metal wrapping or glass wrapping is used, the era of using cartons will never go out of trend. It is safe, convenient, cheap and very effective to store and transfer pharma goods. Also, it encloses a huge amount of good at one. Hence, finding pharma carton packaging in Mumbai is never a difficult task for your growing business.


According to the Paperboard Packaging Council report, paperboard wrapping is the most convenient approach of logistics; amongst which cartons play a major role in this industry. If we consider the packing system in the pharmaceutical sector, they can be stated into two categories - primary packing system and secondary packaging system. Primary packing includes enveloping the pharma materials (like tablet, capsules, powder, syrup, etc.) into a smaller size component that ensures their longer shelf life. Secondary packaging involves placing the primary packaged components into a more protected covering (like trays, boxes, cartons, etc.).


As pharmaceutical products are sensitive to light, air and moisture, the industry manufacturing and supplying them must know how cartons can be beneficial in the long run.


Here is a list of benefits that can put more light on its importance:
  • Protects the quality of drug

For long term storage i.e. throughout the product life span, protecting and maintaining the quality of the drug is necessary. This is useful to keep the medicine or drugs free of any sort of contamination. For example, a few medicinal syrups come in a black or dark shaded bottle and are recommended to be kept away from direct sunlight. It is because sunlight may affect the quality of the medicine and could also be harmful. The outer carton package is helpful in preventing primary packing from many such physical or biological exposure. Pharmaceutical carton packaging in Mumbai ensures premium quality carton materials to secure the inner lined pharma products.


  • Impacts Buyers with Useful Information

Unlike the olden days, today carton packing has more to do with providing the right message to consumers. Focusing on protecting the quality of medicine again, consumers no longer have to open the box and check if the product is appropriate. For your product packing, choose printed packaging boxes in Mumbai that enables you to provide all basic information that your buyers seek. The information, logo and name of the medicine itself are enough to educate them to buy. Useful information like a prescription necessity, age-specific dosage, manufactured and expiration dates, product count or measure is clearly mentioned on the box. This helps patients or buyers in many ways.


  • Offers convenience

While quality and protection are the essentials for pharmacy goods, the convenience of carrying them also goes hand in hand. Select the best pharmaceutical packaging in Mumbai that carries and stores any type of medicine conveniently without causing any physical damage to it.