How to Choose the Right Custom Product Packaging

Ever bought something just because it was packaged really nice and cool? The answer would definitely be a yes. Actually, most buying occurs due to the same reason. This is why marketers consider packaging an important phenomena and work towards designing the best packaging for their product.


If you have a product to sell in the consumer market it is advisable to design it with the best packaging to make it look attractive to your consumers. To do that you must look at custom product packaging, an approach that lets you customize every particular detail to your product package to improve sales. However, many businesses fail to understand how to leverage custom product packaging and choose the right one for the benefit of selling.


Let’s understand it better:

· Material

Evaluate the material and choose the best quality as per the product you want to pack. For example, if your product is a hair serum, you cannot pick a cardboard paper to enclose it. That would make the paper absorb all the product in less than an hour. For such a product type, selecting a thick non absorbing material is essential. Something made of plastic, glass or aluminium coated metal is preferred as suitable to the product’s chemical composition.


In the same way, pick such suitable materials for product packaging boxes or other forms that ensure the product is in place and has the ability to prevent it from direct exposure to the outer environment as well. Take a deep analysis at all the options that meet all requirements and choose the best suited one to preserve it for as long as required.

· Size

When you have your product available in different quantities or size, you must consider organising custom packaging according to that. Although, when you reach out to cartons packaging companies in India, they can help you with understanding how to go about it. It isn’t necessary to select unique sizes for every product but to go with a few standard sizes that match the variety you have. This way you would be able to enclose each one of them easily. Also by doing so would ensure cost-friendliness and convenience both for your company.

· Budget

Budget is the most important aspect as it isn’t just a single item to purchase for your business but several. There are packaging manufacturers in Mumbai that offer budget friendly custom packaging with great graphics and designs.

· Competition

Understand the competition; if every other company uses a typical round bottle with a dropper for hair serum, you can do something new here. Something like selecting a spray bottle can be quite preferred and effortless for customers. This on its own can help you get ahead in the market competition.

· Understand your customers

Evaluate your customers and understand what they are looking for in a specific product. When you understand your audience they can be the answer to your many doubts regarding your product pack. Know their interest, requirements and demographics that are eye-catching to your consumers. This would help you derive better appearance and design for them as a company.