Pharma Packaging Trends to Look at in 2021

The look and feel of the package determines the attractiveness of any product or anything that is presented to anyone in terms of gifting. Similarly, packaging is also a crucial element in determining the presentation, marketing and sale ability of any product.


Let’s first understand what Pharma Packaging means?


Pharma Packaging is the cost effective way to present, protect and preserve the quality of pharmaceutical products till they reach the final consumers.


Pharma packaging companies in India plays a very significant part in the pharmaceutical industry. They are responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of the drug. However, understanding the ongoing trends is necessary for the manufacturing companies to stay relevant.


Here is a list of Pharma Packaging Trends to look at in 2021:


  • Improving digital insights:
    Digital insights help pharmaceutical organizations in a variety of ways that includes enhancement in drug quality, improved production cycles, better interaction with patients and hence an increased quality in patient outcomes as well. Validation of drugs to prevent counterfeited drugs is another very important outcome that will be contributed by Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality and a string of other digital technologies.


  • Technological advancements:
    The entry of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into every sector has benefited several sectors. This technological advancement will benefit the pharma industry by shortening the production process, reducing production costs, wastage and the time taken to reach the markets. Many companies are likely to invest resources in making use of technologies for improving their products through detailed evaluation and deeper research.


  • Lesser Packaging:
    The pandemic has brought about fundamental changes in every industry. Similarly there is also a likelihood that primary packaging will reduce in terms of pharmaceutical products and the use of lesser product packaging boxes. This trend can influence the packaging manufacturers in India too.


  • Subscription based branding:
    Pharmaceutical companies would want to venture into subscription based branding to offer greater convenience to their existing consumers while also garnering new ones especially when corona isn’t going anywhere. This would largely benefit the pharma packaging companies as well, since the brands would also focus on using attractive product packaging boxes for their products. Custom packaging allows product brands to design packaging with innovation and make it handy for customers. A few packaging companies from Mumbai allow a wide range of these services at absolutely reasonable prices.


  • Collaboration with different organizations and stakeholders:
    The pandemic and the research that goes into the vaccine has caused greater collaboration and partnering efforts between organizations in the pharmaceutical sector. That is likely to continue into 2021 as well. This has been possible due to the advent of cloud technology. Additionally, big data is also likely to have a greater impact on the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Personalized medicine:
    According to industry experts, the research for personalized medicine forecasts greater investment into this field in 2021. Personalized medicine is basically development of medicine that is personalized and customized to a patient’s particular disease and medical profile. This may indirectly benefit different stakeholders that include package manufacturers in India.