Standard Quality Packaging a Must for the Pharmaceutical Products!

Packaging a product is a vital part of your brand’s marketing. If you are packing a product, simplicity should be the main element. This ensures the product is well-fit in the box or any other packaging material. Moreover, the buyer can easily understand what is inside the pack. The same rules apply to medicines. Hence, medicine packaging companies in India take special care to design pharmaceutical packages.


Pharma packaging companies have to adhere to strict rules and regulations from the concerned governing body and medical fraternity on what should be printed on the cover.


Colour Code Packaging


The top packaging companies in India know about the strict regulations when it comes to medical packaging. These companies have to follow a laid and pre-decided colour code system to ensure the medical products are not consumed accidentally or given to the wrong patient. Hence, all pharma packaging companies in India are aware of the fact that packaging not only refers to the outer carton or other material but also the inner side.


The top packaging companies in India usually ensure the following on medical product packaging:


  • Medicine name is properly visible
  • Legible instructions about use, manufacture date, expiry date
  • Highlight the medical product’s benefits in bold
  • Tagline about what the product does!


What Precaution is Necessary for Pharma Packaging?


The medicine packaging companies in India have a solid understanding of the type of pack each medicine would require. This packaging could be for all types of medicines - tablets, syrups, injections and all other things that are used in the pharma industry.  To pack any type of medical product, you need to follow a standard procedure and even do periodic pharmaceutical sterilization of the equipment. The pharma packaging companies in India follow all these routine norms as it is a compulsion since the Drugs Control Act was passed in 1950 in India.


This act regulates the supply and even disposal of drugs and other medical products. Moreover, it is a guide for the pharma manufacturers and even those involved in the pharmaceutical business to fix a maximum price (MRP) for each product.


The pharma packaging companies in India have to consider various types of packing in this industry. The elements of a successful packaging design in the pharma packaging includes –


  • Shape
  • Colourimage.axd?picture=2021%2F2%2Fshutterstock_359614955 Standard Quality Packaging a Must for the Pharmaceutical Products!  %Post Title
  • Size
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Readability
  • Font
  • Guidelines and instructions
  • Practical use
  • Adequate protection


In the medical sector, pharmaceutical packaging stands essential and even critical. It is one of the most important factors to attract customers and increase business.

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