Product Packaging Boxes – Behind the Box Ideas

Product packaging is the means to present your product to the world in a more organised way. It stands as an encasement that speaks about the product and protects it at the same time. Since packaging adds more value to present what’s on the inside, companies leverage box packaging ideas with innovative designs.

Behind the Box Ideas

The evolving idea of packaging has led to the realisation that boxes can be designed in multiple ways. The market is full of such cool and innovatively designed product packaging boxes, just take a look around. The best part about them, if you ask a customer, would be, ‘it is multi-purpose’ which means it serves other purposes as well like re-usage, storage of other items.


For example, have you ever ordered anything from Nykaa? They deliver multiple products in a single, nice, tough yet foldable box. A package encasement that secures multiple products is amazing to market combos. On the other hand, the box, in a very simple way markets the brand with a brand name followed by a short tagline and their website. In addition to that, it also allows customers to re-purpose these boxes for other uses as well.


This is the idea behind box packaging, to deliver value, ease, comfort and information; all, that drives customer buying behaviour and builds customer loyalty and retention.

Types of Box Ideas for Custom Packaging

What all have you seen around you that comes in a box? Food delivery, cosmetics, toiletries, jewellery, phones, shoes, clothes; that’s almost every other part of a daily use item. This concludes that a customer is quite fond of boxes in day-today life that brings companies an easy sale. However, the new designs are what has made a difference decade after decade blended with the idea of custom printed boxes.


Here are some of the innovative types to inspire:

  • Box inside a box

Mobile boxes a few years back were packaged typically in a normal box case. However, today it has a box inside a box package that makes it easy to carry, comfortable to handle and more importantly looks great inside-out. Several packaging manufacturers in Mumbai utilsed this idea to create custom packaging for several other items as well. For example, look at the dry fruit box that you gift your loved ones during diwali, a great idea to secure and sale a simple product.

Mumbai being a city where a business can be set in all shapes and sizes, provides one of the best & quality packaging services across India.

Another way to design this idea is to make the package case drawer like. The more you put your thought to making it innovate, the more ways you can have it to enhance your product from the outside.

  • Creative Box

Creative box indicates that the box doesn’t always have to be in a square shape. It can be fitted into a rectangular, oval or any custom form. For example, a sandwich box can be triangular in shape with custom printed details about the brand name. With creative box and custom prints, businesses can set a unique & better impression about their product in the minds of their customers.

  • Foldable boxes

Foldable boxes are the new era of custom packaging. Moreover, this type is ideated to enable extra security to the product inside with several elements to it. Some might involve breathable holes to it or a cut that makes it handy whereas some might have a fiber handle to it for better hold. Others include a magnet at the folding side to keep it intact.

More or less, custom printed boxes for packaging are a great fit for any shape or size of product that can be created into innumerable structures and types to make a business stand unique in the market.