Best Product Packaging – The Marketing Factor

When a customer wants to buy a product, packaging is the first thing that is noticed by the customer. The next step might involve comparing competitor products to evaluate them before buying. At this stage, packaging is what creates a marketing impact because it acts as the source to provide your brand information. If strong enough, it cues customers into buying. Hence, if you observe, several famous product brands ensure best in class packaging, attracting customers daily.


A good packaging always assures quality, freshness, safety and protection of your product. If you compare current packaging designs from the previous decade, you’ll notice they evolved as per requirements, safety measures and quality. With these changing attributes many packaging companies also adopted proactive strategy focusing on best product packaging designs, to improve sales. As a result, today we can find products that are packed in a more handy, durable, innovative as well as recyclable ways are highly preferred by customers.


Among the 4P’s of marketing (product, price, place & promotion), product packaging is the promotional tool that speaks about the other Ps. This is because it not only acts as a cover, but also pictures brand name, logo, tagline, symbolic graphics and personality. Considering these 5 elements, best product packaging in Mumbai conducts a survey to determine customer demographics that cues buying. Understanding what is crucial to your customer helps enable better designing, promising results and encourages sales on the whole.


So, if you are planning to improve how you product packaging looks from the outside to consumers, here is where you must focus:

· Promotions

Products that are displayed on a shelf of a store or a mall should stand out. This has more to do with its package color, shape, size and most importantly a unique feature that leaves an impact. For example, a shampoo bottle with a pump or an oil bottle with a dropper is more likely to be bought than that with a rolling knob. While these attract customers, a marketing message on the package enhances the likelihood. This message can be as simple as clear product information, mention of an award won by brand, or something trending like discounts, enlisted benefits of usage, etc.

· Biomade

Plastic has adverse effects on nature & its habitat. Studying the variable harmful effects that plastic and a few other materials cause, packaging companies in Mumbai began to utilize biomades. Using recyclable materials to package goods that are harmless to nature or its habitat adds more advantage while marketing. People in support of keeping the environment harmless will always choose to pay more for products that utilizes biomade single packaging than those that are heavy on harmful layers.

· Price

Among the essential attributes to marketing mix, price acts as their foundation. To ensure quality, secure quantity, maintain freshness and overall protect a product, the price value of your package is decided. The rate at which each of these becomes important enables Packaging Manufacturers in Mumbai to derive the suitable type of package used for each specific product. This on the whole affects the selling price of the product. Based on your brand type & the profit strategy it involves, you can reduce product packaging price, decreasing its overall selling price or vice versa. For example, a shampoo sachet of minimal price can be sold in a pouch as compared to a maximal price sold in fibre bottle. However, in the competitive market, a higher value, sturdy & well-packed item for a customer is worthy of a purchase.