Psychology of Colors in Packaging

The selection of product packaging colors will always set your business apart from others. It takes a lot of brainstorming to zero down on colors that will best suit your assigned package. Product, brand logo, brand message, target audience, the image you are projecting or setting out to achieve as a brand are all factors that you should ideally be considering before finalizing your product packaging color scheme.


Colour is evocative; it has the power to trigger feelings… whether negative or positive. You can obviously not use black color for a female cosmetic brand.

Let’s dig in deep into psychology of colors in packaging:

White Packaging:

White is a blank canvas and you have the choice to present it on the package the way you want. White is also supposed to be a color that is associated with elegance and the packages that come out of color white is always clean. .. For e.g.: pharma packaging.

Black Packaging:

The color black stand for power and authority. Big brands always prefer to go for black color in their premium line of products. Variations of gold and silver color on black add a level of class to it.

Red Packaging:

In colour psychology, red color means passion, energy, excitement. Gifting packages, Pharma Company (packaging manufacturers) manufacturing vitality products all prefer to opt for red color.

Blue Packaging:

Blue color is always considered to be something that stands for professionalism, honesty and strength. Dark blue is always good for conservative products who want to add a dash of change in their packaging. Light blue is best for brands dedicated to packaging companies manufacturing youth-centric products.