Attributes of a Good OTC Pharma Packaging

Appearance matters, especially in packaging design. While cosmetic packaging should have a feel good factor to it, food packaging should look inviting and lip-smacking. A good pharma packaging is something that is clear and effective. With rise in direct-to-consumer marketing, consumers are increasingly introduced to more and more over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs.

Let’s have a look at the attributes of a good OTC pharmaceutical packaging:

  • Quality Matters: Quality should always be on top of the mind of all pharmaceutical packaging companies. The packaging material you use for cartons and mono cartons should be good enough to protect your pharmaceutical drug from physical and biological damage.


  • Packaging Colours: Colour is an important component in packaging and plays a big factor in influencing purchasing decisions; According to psychology of colours in packaging, the colours that you use should not only be visually appealing, but also something that’s in sync with the brand image.


  • Target Audience: A minimal and well defined graphic artwork with clear fonts is good for pharma products for adults. Packaging for cough syrups for children should look a bit lively, colourful and also have images of kids on them.


  • Distinctive & Unique Packaging Design: A good pharma packaging works like a silent salesperson and therefore it is really important that when a consumer comes to purchase any pharma drug, he’s able to differentiate between your product and the other ones available in the market.


  • Cost-Effective: Your pharma packaging should be cost-effective. Expensive packaging will indirectly result in increase of the price of the pharma drugs.