The Vibrant World of Cosmetic Designing & Packaging

The cosmetic industry is flourishing like never before! Every year you see so many cosmetic products making their way to the retail market. You may feel that it is the ingredients and the feel good factor associated with these cosmetics that attract people to these brands, but it's not just that. Packaging too plays a big role in influencing decision making and indirectly driving sales in a retail environment.

In cosmetic packaging, embedded mini samples, unusual shapes and textures, Latest Packaging Design can all lead to higher levels of interest and engagement among your target audience.


Let's have a look at the factors that generate positive response:


  • Standout Design: A standout design is a combination of many factors. These factors include the colors, finish and shape of your folding carton. For e.g. customers will never prefer to buy cosmetics packed in huge rectangular shaped cartons simply because it is never considered as travel-friendly or something that people can easily tuck into their handbags. You might have read about psychology of colours in packaging, youth-centric cosmetic brands always prefer to opt for fresh and lively tone, whereas the brief for products for middle-aged women is to keep it elegant, classy and clean.


  • Visual Vocabulary: We recall what we have seen, first by colour, then shape, symbols and words. Packaging Companies in Mumbai say creating visually appealing packages should be the priority of designers, considering 77% of the people make decisions while looking for products on the shelf itself.


  • Clear Branding: Not only newly introduced brands, but also new products manufactured by Packaging Manufacturers in Mumbai in a particular cosmetic line should have clear branding. It's something the brand loyalists love because it is easier for them to associate and connect with that particular brand.


  • Unique Packaging: The first contact with the packaging should be an experience in itself. The consumer should get that feeling that it is something that is exclusively manufactured and made for them. Unique shapes, different texture will definitely generate higher level of interest among your target audience.


  • The Consumer Recommendation: When consumers recommend cosmetic products to their friends and family, they often use shelf-sight sequence to describe it (for example: a tall pink colou hairspray can definitely foster good word-of-mouth recommendation.)