How Are Packaging Companies Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The Coronavirus pandemic or the COVID-19 situation as it's popularly known has within months of its origin escalated beyond the point of control in many countries. India too is struggling to manage its spread. Though the entire country is currently under lockdown, and rightly so, a piece of favorable news is that utilities, goods, food and medicines that are essential for the survival of citizens, continue to be accessible in the market.


One such not so obvious yet essential service is printing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. Let's face it, without printing and packaging material that meet every safety and quality protocol, no life-saving medicine can ever be kept on the shelf of a pharmacy. In some ways, a lot of people in the city owe their lives to the packaging manufacturers in Mumbai who are working tirelessly and selflessly to have these medicines within reach of the ones that need it the most.


The permission from the government to keep the printing and packaging services operational comes with a host of conditions for the safety of employees and the common people. As a leading provider of packaging solutions in Mumbai, below is a brief description of how we are running our functions in view of the certain operational diktats laid down by the government of India.


  • Hygiene: Every employee and staff member of Ambest Prints is ordered to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds while entering the premises, while leaving the premises and at regular intervals, such as after using the washroom and before and after having food. We also ensure a change of uniform at every shift.


  • Personal Safety: As a precautionary method, all employees and related staff are asked to follow utmost personal hygiene at home. We understand that infections are a two-way street, and thus try to ensure we're safe on both counts.


  • Packaging Material: We make sure every raw material that enters the premises is thoroughly checked and sanitized. When the packaging process is complete, we recheck it extensively and sanitize it once again to be doubly sure. Our primary concern is every product that leaves for distribution is 100% safe to use.


  • Packaging Quality: We ensure that the official diktats are not hindering or reducing packaging output in terms of quality; rather they play a catalyst to products having superior quality, simply given the fact that we are now putting more of our efforts towards every aspect of packaging. Also, being grateful that we're given this noble opportunity to serve humanity in these challenging times helps us in delivering better results.


  • Machinery Maintenance: The need of the hour is to function effectively, efficiently and round the clock, without a break or breaking down. We ensure all of this by operating our machinery with utmost care; giving some machines a breather while others are running; any issue or potential trouble is quickly identified and rectified; no machine is overworked to the point of breaking down.


  • Delivery: Proper licenses and permits have been obtained from the local government bodies for the needs of printing and packaging in Mumbai to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of our products to our pharmaceutical manufacturing partners. We thank our partners for their outstanding therapeutic products that continue to improve human lives and we promise them to help with their requirements wholeheartedly in this righteous pursuit.