How To Overcome The Contemporary Challenges In The Pharma Packaging Industry

The printing and packaging industry for pharma has been undergoing a massive transformation in the past few years, be it labels, flexible packaging, cartons, or corrugated boards. It is important to understand the contemporary challenges if you are looking for a great packaging company in Mumbai, capable of finding the most optimum solution.

Material Challenges

Package evaluation is mandatory, i.e. to investigate the quality of the product & package. The ideal package would provide maximum shelf-life. Therefore, evaluation is designed to achieve a secure, unadulterated, stable, and efficacious product.


The packaging must protect the medication from environmental conditions, non-reactive with the product, non toxic, moisture proof, resistant to corrosion from acids or alkalis, resistant to grease, resistant to salts, resistant to microorganisms, insects, rodents, different temperatures, protection against light, fire and pilferage, odor retention and transmission, aesthetic feel, cost, machine suitability of packaging, and the filling method.


Embracing Digital Age

The printing and converting of packaging has been using conventional methods for decades. But nowadays new digital solutions are leading to excellent progress. Digital offers flexibility for shorter production trends as per customization, security, and traceability. Today, the top printing and packaging companies in Mumbai are investing in digital capabilities for packaging, because they understand that it requires more than a digital press to deliver excellent packaging production.


Digitalization of the Workflow

Automation and digitalization helps to optimize machines’ run and lets an effective flow of communication between the one ordering the boxes, the one producing them and all the others in the middle possible. For all of this to happen in tandem, an expertise is critical, which is where Ambest’s 14 years of experience comes into work.


Cost Effective

This world is a place where everyone wants more value for their money. People want better, faster, customized, more secure packaging for their articles but want to spend less. The truth of packaging production is that its cost is impacted by three things: quality, cost, and productivity. From designing to converting to packing, these three factors should be considered important and not be seen in isolation. At Ambest Prints, we integrate all these three elements together and ensure quality checks happen before each delivery.


Be Sustainable—Protect, Deliver, Appeal

Packaging has been evolving year by year. Nowadays, while protecting the goods our focus lies on using sustainable solutions. We use quality material with sophisticated design. With the rapid increase in new retail platforms, especially ecommerce, delivery needs to be faster with productive and advanced machines.


At Ambest Prints, we make packaging that stands out on the shelf and appeals to the customers. As per trends, shorter production runs, flexibility, and repeat orders are in demand, which only top pharma packaging companies in Mumbai can handle.

Why Ambest?

At Ambest Prints, we have a complete range of services embracing the entire printing and packaging process. We always aim for excellence, and have 14 years of experience. All this leads to higher up-times, extended life spans, optimized production quality, and costs and overall better ROI.